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PRI Gal FillingGemini Filling Systems by
PRI Filling Systems

Gemini by PRI™ Filling systems are available in either volumetric (precise volume) or gravimetric (precise weight) technologies. Systems offer a variety of options to either add multiple materials, semi or fully automatic lines with closure mechanisms, and even direct drum or IBC palletized filling.

Gemini Filling accessories include
· Can closing with bottom coding (automatic)
· Pail closing device (semi-automatic)
· Rack for additional exchangeable filling cylinders
· Stand-alone 2-step filling valve with support frame
· Fully automatic paint filling machine with combined volumetric filling (for small volumes) and gravimetric filling of drums

Gemini Filler CVolumetric Filling Systems

GemiFill™ S – semi automatic is Self-priming, fills directly out of a drum or vessel, no pump needed, and has Seven preset volumes or stepless adjustment. Cleaning is easy with the removable filling cylinder or automatic rinse cycle. It offers fully pneumatic operation for ATEX explosion proof environments and includes an adjustable stainless steel work table.

The GemiFill™ C – fully automatic system includes the GemiFill™ S line features plus a Transport system, a lid closing and/or lid placing system and optional check weighing.

Gemini Filler GRGravitational Filling Systems

GemiFill™GR – semi or fully automatic systems fill directly from a tote tank, storage container, dissolver etc. They fill by means of a pump or gravity and feature a height-adjustable filling valve for different types of packaging. They utilize a simple to operate batch controller (with self-learning parameters) and expand easily with a roller track, lid closer (pressing/crimping), screw cap closer, sub-level filling lance, etc.

The GR Systems are upgradeable to fully automatic by means of conveyors, lid systems, etc. Their automatic rinse cycle and dismountable filling valve make them easy to clean.

Gemini Filler GR-MGemiFill™GR-M – multiple products line includes the GemiFill™ GR features plus the capacity for filling up to 40 products in circular or linear dispensing depending on the container sizes.

The GR-M includes a batch controller with self-learning parameters and up to three scales between 15 kg up to 6,000 kg can be connected. A two-step filling process (coarse and fine flow) of a single ingredient or formulations is possible and the systems are available as ATEX explosion proof or non explosion-proof.

Gemini Filler DFDirect Drum or IBC Filling Systems

GemiFill™DF – fill while palletized and bundled from 5 gallon buckets, 55 gallon drums, to 250 gallon IBC’s using pneumatic or electric pump. The DF model fills directly on a floor scale or by means of a roll conveyor system and has a movable filling nozzle for positioning just above the drum bunghole.

The DF features a batch controller with self-learning parameters and is suitable for non-foaming (top fill) & foaming (bottom fill) products. It is ATEX explosion proof construction.

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