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« A STEDMAN Crushing pro will be in OKC, Pryor & Tulsa regions the week of Sep 19. Would a visit to review crushing solutions for be helpful? Please call 512-900-0218 for an appt.
« 13th Gulf Coast Solids Handling & Processing Show in Pasadena TX Tuesday Oct 3:
5 of our manufacturers will be exhibiting in this 1-day show starting at noon, closing at 8:00pm. For information call 254-644-5358 or 512-900-0218 and let us know you'll attend. Gulf Coast Solids Show
• Cleveland Vibrator feeders & tables
• Eastern Instruments high-accuracy dry flow measuring
• Franklin Miller dry & wet inline grinding
• NETZSCH wet & dry milling & mixing
• Vorti-Siv sieves, straining & filtration

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Clayton Equipment Company's industry focus is Chemical, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Wood and Mineral. Paint, Ink & Adhesive niches of the Chemical industry get total market coverage. Our Environmental Lines are also sold to city, state and federal government agencies as well as High Tech firms.

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Clayton Equipment welcomes Maratek Environmental Inc., award-winning industry leading manufacturers of cost saving & environmentally conscious equipment that recycles waste liquids produced from industrial processes.

Maratek Environmental

Clayton Equipment welcomes Isolation Systems Inc., providing a complete line of both standard and custom built airborne contamination control, containment, and extraction systems for the highest level of protection and safety for both personnel and product.

Isolation Systems Inc