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Sieves & Filters by Vorti-SivDiagram

High quality sieves, straining and filtration equipment and systems are required
for many industries including: food, pharmaceutical, paints & coatings,
ink and powder metals.

Vorti-Siv Lab, pilot and production scale equipment are available to process many
quality wet & dry products.

Vorti-Siv Sieve systems can be designed with feeders, purge tanks, multi-decks, hopper,
drums, and load cells to accurately provide detailed process equipment
to many wet & dry applications.

Typical Models

Model RVM-15E with SFA®
Ultrasonic Deblinding Kit.
Model RVM 15-E with bag dump. Available with magnet drawer.
Sanitary Inline Powder RVM-15E Sieve.
Model RVM-12E All Stainless Steel in single or multiple screen decks.
RVM-36 All Stainless Steel with Portable Base.

From Pilot to High Production Sieving

The RBF series provides pilot and small production sieving.

     RBF-15 single deck, continuous discharge sieve.
             RBF Cutaway
A unique gyratory screening action where all points on the screen surface move in a circular orbit.

The VS 30", 48" and 60" are 3 of the heaviest built sieves on the market with screens capable of 20 micron to 1 mesh.

     VS0048, the mid-size model.
              VS0060 Cutaway
     VS0060 as a double deck unit with an oversize spout and 2 discharge spouts.


Highly cost-effective solutions to difficult liquid filtration problems with minimal amount of liquid loss during cleaning process. The filters are suitable for practically all liquids including those of high viscosity. Filtration levels from 3000 to 25 micron.

All-stainless steel model, electric controls.
Filter DN-100
Manifold all stainless steel model DN-100 mounted to a portable cart.

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