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Koolant KoolersKoolant Koolers

Processes today utilize fluid cooling systems which are critical to maximizing process efficiency and equipment longevity. Koolant Koolers' cooling expertise and responsive customer service are available in several options as well as the ability to develop a customized OEM design.

Koolant Koolers chiller designs feature technology for improving energy efficiency, decreasing costly water usage, maintaining critical production uptime and providing precise temperature control.

Koolant Koolers has a vast customer base for industrial process cooling. Our engineers have developed many unique applications for the medical, food and beverage, plastic, welding, heat induction, laser, filtration, tool and OEM markets.

Koolant Koolers J SeriesJ Series

The Koolant Koolers portable J Series air cooled chiller features 1/8 to 2 ton capacity (2,100 to 24,000 BTU/hr) and is ideal for indoor plug-and-play applications. The brazed plate evaporator offers efficient cooling for many processes, including clean oil applications.

The J Series high-quality digital controller provides precise temperature control with tighter tolerance. The sloped face makes it easy to view the controller and provides more surface to mount additional gauges and controls.

Connecting the J Series is easy with terminal strips for customer power and interlocking connections for simpler and safer field wiring. All the fluid connections are on the same side of the unit. With portable casters and closed tank design, the J Series can be backed up to a piece of equipment and still have full view of the controller and fluid level gauge.

Koolant Koolers S Series S Series

The Powerhouse of Process Cooling!

With 3-20 Tons of Cooling, these models are available in an indoor or outdoor design.

The S Series durable unit is built with a self-contained recirculating pump, digital temperature controller, brazed plate evaporator, and a hot gas regulator among many other features.

Koolant Koolers also offers a multitude of options for the S Series including: anti-back flow, inlet water filter, flow and pressure options, casters (up to 5 tons) or a remotely located controller (outdoor only).

Oem & Custom Koolant Koolers Specialities

Need OEM or custom models?

Koolant Koolers offers process cooling loops for integration within your end-product or to be sold alongside your offering. And they provide assurance that this piece will have the quality and consistency that your brand is known for.

Engineering can handle all aspects of the project, from specification and design, to development and prototyping, to certification and testing, to reliable and timely delivery.

What about special units or plant-sized solutions?

Koolant Koolers models range from 1/8 to 100+ ton capacity capacity with modular design.

Experienced application engineers will help properly size a chiller to meet your custom cooling requirements.

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