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SLYSly Loading Spouts

Sly Loading Spouts will handle any dry material you need to move. Sly spouts are ideal for radial stacking or loading into railroad cars, trucks, ships, barges, containers and barrels. Heavy duty construction with fully enclosed electricals, RoadStar 18 shroud, and many other design features make the Sly Loading Spouts durable in all environments. Bulk material loading spouts let you move powdered chemicals, cements, grain products, sand, gravel, coal or any other dry bulk material– without dust.

Loading SpoutsLoading Spouts

The PV and XP Standard Spouts are the best value spouts for most uses and provide internal stacking cones to direct the material flow. When used with a negative pressure dust collection system, they are truly dust-free. Usage: Truck, rail car, tote bin, flexible bulk containers, carton, drum.

The “Model T” Hand Crank is manually operated and saves money while offering flexibility. It has the same performance as our standard spout but eliminates the motor. Usage: Pails, boxes, drains, flexible bulk containers, tote bins, trucks and railcars.

The PV and XP (OS Series) Open Stacking Spouts come standard with product level sensors and control circuits to maintain contact between dust skirt and material pile being formed. Usage: Open stacking, open rail cars, open trucks.

The LP-8, LP-10 Low Profile Spout for Tight Spaces Low profile spout has a retracted height of only 20" with a 36" vertical travel...great for close quarter loading or retrofits. Usage: Pails, boxes, 55 gallon drums, flexible bulk containers, tote bins, some enclosed trucks and railcars.

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