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Crushed Cans, Aerosols and FiltersCan Crushers, Drum Packers and Crushers

A crushed can is empty!

Crushed cans are EPA-RCRA "empty" and recyclable. (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act). Paint can, aerosol can, and drum packer/crushers offer compaction ratios of up to 18:1 for reduced volume of materials and containers scheduled for removal from your site.

Crushed Cans, Aerosols and FiltersAerosol Can Crushers

Aerosol can crushers provide an automatic crushing cycle in a "PTE" permanent total enclosure for safe operation. Available in 3 models for crushing up to 200, 450 and 800 aerosol cans per hour. Optional trailer for portable crushing.

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Crushed Cans, Aerosols and Filters

Paint can and pail crushersPaint Can and Pail Crushers

Paint can and pail crushers provide a crushing force of 30,000 lb. for half pint sizes to 6-gallon sizes. The automatic crushing cycle occurs in a "PTE" permanent total enclosure for safe operation including a door interlock feature. Family of 4 models can handle up to 240 cans an hour throughput. Optional trailer for portable crushing.

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Drum Crushers and In-drum Compactors

A family of 4 models of drum crushers and drum crusher/packers offers hydraulic crushing forces of 37,000 to 150,000 lb. Depending on the model, drums can be flattened from 2" to 6". A piercer punctures the drum head and vents pressure through the squeeze head as the drum is crushed.

Optional cutters for poly drums cut into strips to avoid bounce-back. Trailers are available for portable applications. Custom and larger models than shown below are available; please contact us for details.

DPC 60 60,000 lb. Drum Crusher and Packer

Offered in choices of 7 power options including electric, diesel, gasoline and air-powered models. Universal head and drum centering pallet make it easy to switch from drum crushing to drum packing.

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