Drying and Separation Systems from Clayton Equipment Company

Solid-Liquid SeparationSolid-Liquid Separation

Solid-liquid separation plays an important role in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. To recover and dewater the solids from the liquids, the system must wash the solids from impurities and avoid cross contamination between the product and the environment/operator.

In mechanical separation the liquid filters through a packed bed-cake, retained by a filtering media. In the same piece of equipment we may wash the cake by feeding the washing solution and let it filter through the cake.

Then the residual moisture (remaining after mechanical separation) is removed by a suitable combination of heat and vacuum. The result is a dry and free flowing powder. Good mixing results of the solids can be achieved while drying!

A filter or a centrifuge is used for the mechanical separation and a dryer is used for the thermal separation, or a filter dryer can do both in the same piece of equipment. A mixer can be included to homogenize the solids for quality, density and particle size.

Heinkel CentrifugeCentrifuge

The Heinkel Drying and Separation Group supplies batch filtering centrifuges for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, where solids-liquid separation takes place mechanically. The typical process includes filling, cake washing, spinning and unloading. Unloading the solids can be customized for manual or automatic discharging.

Heinkel Dryer Dryer

The Heinkel Drying and Separation Group supplies batch dryers for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, where solids-liquid separation takes place thermally. The typical process includes filling, drying, cooling, unloading and cleaning using designs such as:
• orbiting screw
• conical screw vacuum dryer
• vertical shaft
• agitated vacuum dryer
• cantilevered horizontal shaft
• vacuum paddle dryer
• paddle dryer / reactor
For special applications like coffee beans & cocao consider the Heinkel conical screw cooker, and for bulk powders mixing, the Heinkel conical screw mixer. Also available are Ex-proof designs and CIP/SIP features, and various materials of construction (SS, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc.).

Heinkel Lab Lab Systems

Heinkel applies today´s simulation techniques and computing power into pilot-sized process equipment, indispensable for the development and refinement of new and existing products in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

The equipment is compliant for use in potentially explosive areas and the compact design facilitates transport from one place to another within the production plant – through narrow corridors and doorways.

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