Solvent Recovery Systems from Clayton Equipment Company

Solvent recoverySolvent Recovery

On-site recycling could reduce your solvent purchases by as much as 95%, as well as dramatically reduce your hazardous waste.

Solvent recovery equipment recycles contaminated liquid solvents making them available for reuse.

A solvent recovery system is a great way for a company to save time and money over the long run of their operations. The payback of a solvent recovery system is always one year or less.

Maratek SSBBatch Solvent Recovery

Maratek Batch Solvent Recycling Equipment
available in 8, 16, 32, and 55 Gallon Sizes.

Maratek SSC Continuous Solvent Recovery Equipment

The Maratek SSC models are designed to handle outputs from 5 gallons per hour and up.

The units can be programmed to operate in batch or continuous feed mode, fully automated via a PLC controller with a color LCD touchscreen interface.

The SSC models can be tailored to fit a variety of applications and they can be integrated into most industrial uses. They can be configured with different heating and condensing mediums for extreme versatility.

Why recycle your own solvent?

Information needed to assess solvent recovery application:

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