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Dust Collection Systems

Dust bag ComparisonSelf-cleaning Dust Collector Bags

With Scientific Dust Collector's patented high velocity nozzle, our cleaning system is able to use higher air-to-cloth ratios and less compressed air while inducing more air per cubic foot of compressed air than plain orifices, conventional converging nozzles, or straight nozzles.

Here is why: Our patented cleaning mechanism generates a short powerful burst of induced air flow into the top of the bag. These bursts reverse the air flow momentarily flexing the fabric bags to knock off excess dust agglomerated on the top layer of the filter cake while maintaining a functional filter cake. The purge tube with patented high velocity nozzles is positioned directly over the openings at the top of the bags. Each purge tube is connected to a large fast-acting pneumatically operated diaphragm valve on the outside of the collector.

The patented high velocity nozzle eliminates the need for venturies used in most generic pulse-jet collectors. Venturies can restrict filtering velocity, impede cleaning, and cause puffing and abrasion around the top of the bags.

Baghouse Dust CollectorBaghouse Dust Collectors

Dust-laden air enters the unit through a high inlet designed to reduce upward internal velocities which are prevalent in bottom entry collectors.

Our designs have improved the high inlet by incorporating a dropout section and perforated baffle plate causing velocities to be lowered at the entry to the collector. This feature allows heavier mass dust particles to drop out into the hopper and reduces the amount of dust carried to the filter media. Controlling velocities and direction of air movement within a dust collector are very important to the efficiency of the unit as they reduce re-entrainment of dust.

Our dust collectors operate continuously without requiring the process to be shut down for cleaning. They are automatically self-cleaning while removing dry dust from an airstream. Versatile units that handle almost any type of dust, our patented models operate reliably at very high efficiencies with much less filter media than other commercially available collectors in this class. Cylindrical fabric filter bags with bottom discs are manufactured from felted cloths and are supported on the outside of cylindrical wire cages. The dust collects on the outside surface of the cloth.

Vertical Cartridge Dust CollectorVertical Cartridge Dust Collectors

The LP collector is an economical low pressure utility cartridge collector with 2, 3, 4, or 5 cartridges for nominal air flows from 1,000 to 3,000 CFM. The unit features all welded construction and our patented nozzle based cleaning system.

The unit features a generous access door to change the cartridges and integral hopper drawers with ample storage. Cartridges are secured and changed without the need of tools via a simple latch and threaded spring loaded handle to assure proper sealing.

All LP collectors are on-line self cleaning units with a solid state timer board for the cleaning system. Standard features also include a generous compressed air manifold for the cleaning system and a high quality direct drive industrial fan.

Horizontal Cartridge Dust CollectorHorizontal Cartridge Dust Collectors

The standard SL cartridge collector is available in 4 to 24 cartridge standard units with flows from 1800 CFM to 15600 CFM or between 450 and 650 CFM per cartridge. The SL is a compact unit that is ideally suited to lower air flow industrial powder applications.

The SL-HR is an advanced high ratio unit designed to operate at flows of up to 1000 CFM per cartridge. These flows are possible because of our patented cleaning system and our innovative cartridge cabinet design. The SL-HR is ideally suited to larger air volume applications collecting industrial powders. Because of its advanced design and high flow per cartridge the SL-HR provides a smaller collector, longer filter life, less compressed air usage, fewer cartridges to change or stock and ultimately lower maintenance and operating costs per CFM when compared to standard cartridge collectors.

Rotary Air LockRotary Air Locks, Bin Vents, Fume Collectors

Employing an SDC rotary airlock on your dust collection system allows for continuous operation without the need to shut down for barrel removal or lost labor time for barrel change outs. A rotary airlock can also minimize employee exposure to dust while making your system less susceptible to material back-up and damage.

The SDC rotary airlock is a fabricated flexible tip rotary airlock. The unit is designed to provide a flexible air seal, allowing larger particles to easily pass through the valve while maintaining its air seal. The 1/4" bolt-on side plate allows service or change-out of the reinforced rubber vane tips without removing the entire unit from the system.

Bin Vents

Bin VentBin Vents are heavy-duty reverse pulse jet dust collectors that operate continuously without requiring the process to be shut down for cleaning. They are automatically self-cleaning while removing dry dust from an air stream. These are versatile units that can handle almost any type of dust.

Models are availble with either fabric bags supported internally by a wire cage for filtration, or pleated cartridge media for fine dust filtering.

Our patented nozzle based cleaning system is used in both styles of bin vents. This ensures long media life with reduced pressure drop and less compressed air usage.


Fume Collectors

Fume CollectorThe model FC Fume Collector is a completely self-contained heavy-duty cartridge collector ideally suited for fine and light dust applications up to 9000 CFM. We have applied our patented nozzle-based cleaning system to the compact FC unit, resulting in a very reliable collector with extended filter life.


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