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Flow Meter Systems

EI's CentriFlow MeterEastern Instrument's CentriFlow® Meter

Unlike existing technologies that calculate based on weight, speed, belt tension, or volume, the CentriFlow® Meter actually measures flowable solids in a process. This unique measurement ability allows the CentriFlow® Meter to have 0.25% accuracy full scale on virtually all flowable solids, significantly improving the industry standard..

The CentriFlow® Meter is not affected by changes in product elasticity, density, shape or friction. Fluctuations in flow rate don’t impact it’s accuracy. The linearity of the zero friction formula gives the CentriFlow® Meter its ability to measure at various densities and turndown ratios while maintaining near perfect accuracy.

Compared to alternative devices, the CentriFlow® Meter is compact and extremely efficient in its space requirements, and it doesn’t require floor mounting.

EI's CentriFLowCentriFlow® Advantages

Sturdy high-grade aluminum construction with stainless steel flow paths makes the CentriFlow® Meter a very low maintenance instrument. It rarely requires re-calibration because there no moving parts. There are no belts or drives. Plus, the electronics are located outside the process stream and are not subject to vibration from the manufacturing process.

Designed to fit into just about any existing process with minimal changes, the CentriFlow® Meter is available in two configurations. The Type I Configuration is designed to attach to the end of an existing horizontal feedind device. The Type II Configuration is designed for an in-line vertical application.

The CentriFlow® Meter maintains its accuracy within a maximum 20 to 1 turndown capability based on volumetric capacity. The meter’s unique design enables it to identify and cancel the friction component of the mass flow. The resulting signal is flow = mass rate, which is linear. The linearity allows the meter to work, typically, at 0.25% accuracy full scale. This means it is not affected by the wide variances typical to process flow.

EI's CentriFlow ApplicationsCentriFlow® Applications

The CentriFlow® Solid-Particle Mass Flow Meter measures bulk solid materials continuously in a process. With an accuracy of 0.25% full scale and repeatability of 0.1%, it handles bulk densities from 1lb/ft3 to 100 lb/ft3 and flow rates of 0.35 ft3/min to 60 ft3/min. The CentriFlow® Meter can be used for mixing, blending, or ratio control applications in the petrochemical, agricultural, aggregate, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The CentriFlow® Meter is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss-in-weight meters, and static weigh scales, where accuracy, low maintenance and zero drift are paramount.

The Digital Electronics for the CentriFlow® Meter is available in a NEMA-4 Carbon Steel or a NEMA-4X 304 Stainless Steel Enclosure. Achieving a high level of functionality, the new Digital Electronics offers more versatility and a higher degree of connectivity to onsite PLCs and other digitally controlled devices. Some of its features include:

EI's VAP3 Air Flow MeasureAir Flow Measurement

The VAP3® Insertion Pitot is designed for easy installation, via ports, directly in to new or existing duct work. Insertion of a VAP3® Pitot will ensure an accurate differential pressure output that allows for precise airflow measurement and control of your process.

The VAP3® Insertion Pitot is designed to perform particularly well in both clean air applications and in heavily particulate-laden applications and can be adapted for use in applications where pitot freezing is a concern.

The VAP3® Insertion Pitot is a great choice for an economical and highly accurate method of measuring air flow in ducts with adequate straight duct runs upstream and downstream.

Flow Conditioning

IE's HBP Flow ConditionerAs not all ductwork allows for proper upstream and downstream straight duct runs, a flow conditioning device is often needed for profiling air flow at the point of flow measurement. The High Beta® Process (HBP) Flow Conditioner is a proprietary-designed flow conditioning device, designed to eliminate cyclonic, turbulent and reverse flow, while minimizing pressure loss in almost any installation, including those with relatively few or almost no straight duct runs either upstream or downstream. The High Beta® integrates flow-straightening vanes and a flow-profiling section with the precise measurement accuracy of the VAP3® Pitot to offer flow conditioning and accurate air flow measurement, even when placed directly downstream of an elbow, damper or other duct obstruction. The HBP comes in standard sizes that allow the delivery of accurate air flow measurement without the longer lead times associated with custom designs.

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